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Today, our nation is touched by a catastrophic earthquake

That surprises us on the twelveth day of January twenty-ten.

Over two hundreds thousands of our brothers and sisters

Were suddenly killed by the seven point-two magnitude

The tears, that flow in our faces from this moment on

Are to show the world how deeply we care for each other

to flow as a river of hope, faith, courage, love and tender

That will flourish in Haiti’s paradise garden of the Caribbean .

We must start showing the world, beginning today

We are willing to help ourselves and work together

In rebuilding our country , a great nation with a great history

We must start showing respect to all those families members

By planting one tree for each victim , perished by the quake

By placing their names on the wall of respect and remembrance

A monument to symbolize their death will not be in vain

We must ask everyone and specially the Heroes of our nation

To focus more on community then on the selfishness

By taking good decision to help the citizen of our nation

From every city, department, race color and religion

And no matter where they live ,once they are Haitians.

We must stand high, and motivated to participate

By giving to Haiti , Its well deserved chance.

By also considering a new program or a new plan

That covers all of our land, not part of the Republic

Today, every Haitian is a victim and must stand high

For claiming his right, By asking our leaders to help

In empowering the local members of the government

In every right decision that will benefit his region

We can no longer be afraid and no longer be the same

If we must live, we need to stay and pray together

We need to help ,to give, to love, and to share

If we have learned a few things from the quake

Is how easily the world could promptly be vanished

How things could easily be destroyed and fast gone

How fast human life could be taken without a shot gun

Then we must learned how to better live and think

re-defining ourselves as human or as sons of Almighty.

The quake inspired us to listenn to other history

It shows us, how the world can be totally united

And how human being is emotionally reacted

No matter how you live happy or sad, rich or poor

As long as you live, no one really seems to care

The needs are always be forgotten

The aids some how  have been forsaken

Too late, the world will never be the same again

And if you only look for your minute of Fame

Today, you all should be ashamed

By playing games and by calling us names

The quake of the twelve day of January

Made us believe in the Lord and miracles

Excite us to pray him for faith and strength

We need to work on our sugar canes plantation

In the process of rebuilding our nation

To survive further quakes and Hurricanes.


Dessalines Joachim

Publisher and Executive director



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