Let's say one million people are running together, 500000 of them are falling into a big hole, what do you think the other half needs to do? Do they need to keep running ,or take a new direction?

Well. I want to be among those who take the new direction,because it is not acceptable for all of us to make the same mistake again and again.


1)   All over the world , PEOPLE are collecting funds for Gonaives, under different form of organizations that cover more of their personal matter than the reality of Gonaives.Well, I'm not to blame anyone who is in that situation .  But, I beleive that philosophy drives our efforts to be more insufficients,then reliable.

YES WE CAN make a CHANGE , if, we make one a)International and Social Funds for GONAIVES, where we put all the money collected.

     b)  These funds will be directed or controlled by a non political ,or non gouvernmental organization, with members, who will study different projects and decide on  where the money will be  effectively and accordingly spent.

2)   Example of a Project

In 2004, hurricane Jeanne destroyed Gonaives, people overthere, lost a great amount of their belongins .Or some of them had lost everything they had, even relatives .And we can not also forget the 3000 deaths that get burried by the mud of Jeanne.

In 2008, Gustav, Hanna Fay and Ike made  a double impact on our sad situation, transformed completely our society ,our lives,and brought us to a point that we became since then, the spotlight of every news paper or magazine . And today again ,the possibly of being hit by Huricane is a major concern for every citizen of GONAIVES.

To reduce the lost of materials and lives , we need to build in Gonaives

12 high standard (4 story building with 100 units per story).

If you invest your donation in accomplishing this project, you will save more then 10,000 lives


We are calling on every single haitian

members of government,members of the civil society,leaders of all organisations(Locals and Diaspora) together as businessmen, investors to start thinking about the


A such accomplishment will be a great gift, that together, we can offer to our future generation


President Harry Truman

Said once

"It's amazing what you can do

If you don't care who get s the credit"